Bronwen’s jewellery work has involved many traditional and innovative print techniques.

Recently she has twisted this round, using jewellery techniques and materials to produce framed print work. Photo etching copper in her framed work gives the level of detail and intricacy Bronwen enjoys. The process is key to the work and dictates the aesthetic of the finished piece. These pieces also include Formica, oak and walnut and gold leaf. 


Current influences are repetition, order and groups of similar objects with imagery frequently drawn from Architecture and mathematical diagrams.


An ongoing theme through Bronwen’s practice has been the temporary life of modernist architecture as it falls in to dereliction and prepares for demolition. She investigates combining these images of brutal and neglected architecture with the delicacy and preciousness of fine metal working.  




Bronwen trained in Three dimensional design at the University of Northumbria where she later progressed to the Design residency graduate programme. In 2005 she set up her studio at the Mushroom Works in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle upon Tyne. From her studio Bronwen produces work to commission and for galleries nationally. Bronwen welcomes visits by appointment.



If you would like to commission, buy or view my work, or come and see me in my studio, please contact me: Studio 10 Mushroom Works St Lawrence Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1AR E: info@bronwendesign.co.uk